October 17, 2007

Can Gender Equality Put an End to Poverty?

Today is UN World Poverty Day, and although it's not really one of those happy holidays, it's is still a positive event, if you really think about it. Awareness is often the first step in making a difference. Take Gore, for example. Years ago he was mocked when he first brought up the topic of global warming. But he kept pressing the issue, and pushing buttons. Finally people started to listen, movies were made, books were written, and he even won a Nobel Peace prize. Turns out he was just ahead of his time.

But back to World Poverty Day. In 2000, as part of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), world leaders pledged to cut poverty by half by 2015. Yet we're already in 2007, halfway to the deadline, and it's clear many countries aren't going to make the cut — unless there is radical change.

We think our sister company EDImports has the right idea. By focusing on women as economic drivers, founder Liz Wald has seen children educated, homes built, medicines purchased, and behind it all, self-esteem nourished as women step up to provide for their family and local economy.

The Economist called women “the most powerful engine” of global economic growth, and estimates that within the past decade, women have contributed more to global economy than the entire country of China. For more information, browse through this list of facts and figures to really see how gender equality can lead to economic growth.

Who said women should stay at home? Wasn't us.

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... it might be possible, presumes Dutch Author Peter Redvoort: http://genderdemocracy.blogspot.com - great philosophy ...