October 15, 2007

Fair Trade Is Real

Today is National Blog Day, and we figured it's a good time for us to join Technorati. As you know, One World Projects is new to the blogosphere, but we've 'jumped on the bandwagon' to show you how your fair trade purchases are really making a difference to artisans from some of the world's poorest countries.

Each time we go on a buying trip to meet our artisans or hear someone tell us a story about how fair trade has helped their town finance a school, we are reminded why we work here. So we've started this blog so you can also see fair trade in action. It's real, and its makes a real difference. We're halfway through National Fair Trade month, we hope you'll continue to consider fair trade even after the next two weeks have passed.

We love our jobs and seeing fair trade first-hand, and know you will to! Please tell your friends and family about us. Thanks for your support!

The Team at One World Projects
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