December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from the team at One World Projects!

We'd like to thank you for making the holidays brighter for artisans around the world with a holiday tree made from lanterns in Chaing Mai, Thailand, and inform you of our most recent holiday project...

With the help of our affiliate partner Charity Begins, we were able to hand-carry a donation of children's clothing and shoes to the Mae Tao Clinic, also known as Dr. Cynthia's, in Mae Sot, Thailand. (Mae Sot is a small Thai village on the Burmese border, and where the refugee women who weave our passport bags and scarves are also based.) The clinic provides free health care for refugees, migrant workers, and other individuals who cross the border from Burma to Thailand, and welcomes people of all ethnicities and religions. The picture below is of a boy (and his new shoes) who is staying at the clinic while his mother waits to deliver a new baby.

It was hard to pick just one group to give our donation to, as there are many worthy NGOs that operate in this area. We finally settled on Dr. Cynthia's because of the amazing amount of good it's done for the Burmese people, and for its non-discriminatory policy of helping any one in need, regardless of ethnicity, class or religion.

Please stay tuned for more reports of our work in this region and other parts of the world. Happy holidays and best wishes for 2008!

All the best,

The Team at One World Projects

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